Environmental Bulkheading Corp.
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EBC Corporation with the support of our engineering staff is a complete design and installation company. Our goal is to design a cost effective but safe environment for working conditions when supporting excavation sites and surrounding structures.

Soldier Beams and Lagging - EBC will install H-piles using various methods roughly 5 to 8 feet apart and horizontal wood lagging between the flanges of the H-piles. This procedure will prevent soil movement by firmly placing the wood lagging against the soil while excavation down to the required depth. In conjunction with this method EBC can provide rakers and or tie backs to strengthen the wall to allow for extensive deep excavations. This type of shoring is often used in temporary conditions.

Steel Sheeting - is the procedure of using interlocking steel sheets to create a continuous retaining wall or cofferdam for temporary or permanent use. This type of shoring also can be used in conjunction with rakers or tiebacks to strengthen the wall to allow for extensive deep excavations or retaining soil or water.

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